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Payments to investors - 100% of the fund's budget
Marketing - 4-10% of payments
Reserve fund - 1% of payments
Deposit withdrawal

In RED fund x2profit you can withdraw your deposit in emergency.

If you decide to leave the project or you need to return your investment, you have the opportunity to do so. To withdraw the deposit investor needs to send to the address of the Smart Contract 0.00000112 ETH.

Smart contract makes the necessary calculations and returns your investment to you. Return deposit is calculated by the formula: (Investor`s total contribution) minus (payments % on the deposit for the entire period) minus (% on marketing (determined by the term HODL, from 4%)) minus (1% on reserve fund). Important - upon reaching 100% payments on deposit, this function is no longer relevant and smart-contract does not return the deposit.

In RED fund x2profit there is a separate reserve fund. Every investor, taking away accrued interest, automatically deducts 1% your payout in reserve fund.
All deductions will be sent to investors, which for some reason didn't make a profit, in proportion of the magnitude of shortage to break-even. Thus, this is another measure, directed to long-term project life and equal chances for making a profit regardless of the time of entry into the project. Thereby, investors of x2profit are insured by the reserve fund
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