RED Fund x2profit 2
The first investment project to generate daily income from 6.5% to 9.6% with income insurance.
Reliable smart contract is created in Ethereum Blockchain and can not be changed or deleted.
Balance ETH
Balance ETH
Project start - 12 November 2018 year.
To participate in the project you need to send ETH from your Ethereum wallet to the address of the smart contract.
Ethereum smart contract remembers the address of your wallet and every hour pays you % of the amount of your deposit. You can withdraw your % any time convenient for you.
Investing in x2profit is a unique opportunity for passive income up to 9.6% daily from the amount of your contribution.
Distribution of funds
Payments to investors - 100% of the fund's budget
Marketing - 4-10% of payments
Reserve fund - 1% of payments

During the development of new technologies on the Internet, cryptocurrency investments are good contribution in your future. Investment reliability is ensured by Ethereum Blockchain, opensource smart-contract.

Smart contract is deployed to Ethereum Blockchain and is completely autonomous. Having invested in RED fund x2profit you get a hourly percentage (%) of your contribution.

Income of x2profit investor will be 200% of the contribution.
Project represents a long-term prospect of income from 6.5% to 9.6% daily.
Interest rate
Interest rate RED fund x2profit has a progressive ratio depending on the stages of the project.
0-1000 ETH
1000-2500 ETH
2500-5000 ETH
>5000 ETH
0.27% (per hour)
6.5% per day
0.32% (per hour)
7.7% per day
0.38% (per hour)
9.1% per day
0.4% (per hour)
9.6% per day
Fund starting interest rate x2profit - 6.5% (daily), which is 0.27% (per hour).
The smart contract has a unique hourly interest calculation algorithm. It was made for the convenience of investors - withdrawal of interest is possible at any time convenient for you without any risk of losing the interest for the day.
Referral system of the project
In RED Fund x2profit there is a referral program.
By inviting an investor to a project, you earn 2% of his contribution.
In order to become your referral, an investor, when paying for a Smart Contract, must fill in the DATA field with your ETH address.
Thus you become a referral. The referral program is in effect if the referral invests not less than 3 ETH. Referrals rewards are processed and paid once a day. Invite and earn!
x2 or doubling the contribution
In RED fund x2profit the program of fixed profit and equal rights between investors works. For the long-term life of the project, it was decided to limit the maximum receipt of interest from the fund and stimulate interest accumulation. This provides equality of participants, and there is no need to enter only at the very beginning of the life of the foundation.
In project RED fund x2profit the maximum amount of interest received equals to 200%.
  • An investor who has reached a payout of 200% (100% deposit + 100% profit) on a deposit (having doubled his investment) is removed from the fund automatically after receiving the payment, the smart contract deletes the address of his wallet. The investor can continue to make a profit by making a new contribution.
  • The project does not take a commission from your deposit - all deposits come on the balance of the contract. The large balance of the contract is a good advertisement for the project itself. Therefore, the commission on advertising and reserve fund is taken only from payouts.
  • The longer you do not withdraw interest - the lower the commission on advertising!
  • To maximize profits, you can reinvest the deposit - it is recommended to do it daily. At the time of reinvestment, the smart contract automatically calculates your interest and pays it out to you, and then increase your deposit.
  • After reinvestment, interest (%) is calculated on the sum of all investor’s deposits.

The program of the long life of the project is designed to trifles. HODL program: deductions for advertising are made from the withdrawal of interest. If you withdraw rarely - deductions will be less, and you will get more! Deductions for advertising at withdrawal more than once a day: 10%, once in 3 days: 9%, once a week: 8%, once in 2 weeks: 7%, once in 3 weeks: 6%, once in 4 weeks: 5 %, even less - only 4% of your income!

You can also get more than 200% of the profit, withdraw the interest once when it exceeds the 200% deposit, just HODL!

When you pass the threshold of 200% and you achieve your intended profit (which will satisfy your needs), you can get the full amount of HODL investment. To receive your HODL deposit, as usual, you need to send a 0 (zero) transaction to the address of the smart contract. After paying the HODL, your entry is removed from the smart contract, and in order to re-participate you will need to make a new deposit.

Deposit withdrawal

In RED fund x2profit you can withdraw your deposit in emergency.

If you decide to leave the project or you need to return your investment, you have the opportunity to do so. To withdraw the deposit investor needs to send to the address of the Smart Contract 0.00000112 ETH.

Smart contract makes the necessary calculations and returns your investment to you. Return deposit is calculated by the formula: (Investor`s total contribution) minus (payments % on the deposit for the entire period) minus (% on marketing (determined by the term HODL, from 4%)) minus (1% on reserve fund). Important - upon reaching 100% payments on deposit, this function is no longer relevant and smart-contract does not return the deposit.

In RED fund x2profit there is a separate reserve fund. Every investor, taking away accrued interest, automatically deducts 1% your payout in reserve fund.
All deductions will be sent to investors, which for some reason didn't make a profit, in proportion of the magnitude of shortage to break-even. Thus, this is another measure, directed to long-term project life and equal chances for making a profit regardless of the time of entry into the project. Thereby, investors of x2profit are insured by the reserve fund
Collected in reserve fund
Notification -
Current interest rate
?$ per hour / ?% per day
Recommended wallets
How to invest?
Register cryptocurrency wallet
How to make an investment?
Not allowed transfers from exchanges, only from your personal ETH wallet, from which you have private key.
Recommended gas limit: 200000, tipical gas price you can take from
Deductions for marketing is not taken from deposits. Deposits go to balance smart-contract in full. And those, who does not withdraw their income for a long time, should not spend on advertising. At the time of the withdrawal from 4% to 10% on advertising is deducted for marketing, depending on withdrawal frequency . This is a necessary budget component of success, designed for long-term profit for project participants.
Project advertising spread to all countries of the world, with maximum audience reach. We are doing everything possible and even more to attract investors from all over the globe.
About RED fund x2profit famous financial bloggers tell and write everywhere. The entire advertising budget of the project is spent strictly according to its intended purpose in the development of the fund, analyzing the quality of each advertiser while using a smooth development, and excluding aggressive promotion methods.
Main purpose of x2profit is reaching minimum 200% profits by any investor of our common project.
There is no perfect marketing plan, but team x2profit has a competent marketing plan to get closer to the ideal.
Zero transaction

Zero transaction is required to pay interest to the investor.

It runs from the depositor’s address to the smart contract address, then the contract recalculates the interest rate according to the balance on the contract, the amount of the participant’s contribution at that time, and initiates the payment.

Smart-contract RED fund x2profit has a unique algorithm, given by its creator, fully autonomous, and can not be changed or removed from the network Ethereum.

Contracts in this category are presented as a code, which exists within a distributed registry, and controlled by a computer network. Thus, Thanks to the technology of Smart Contracts, you can see the total balance of investments in a project at any time, hourly payments.

In smart-contract RED fund x2profit there is a return of deposit to investors. This eliminates the risk of the loss of the contribution. An investor can use this function at any time convenient for him and withdraw the balance of his deposit, minus dividends already paid to him.

Important: when payment reaches 100% of the deposit, function of deposit withdrawal becomes unavailable to the depositor.